Google Calendar Syncs with Nozbe

Nozbe’s main goal has always been to help you get more done. Not “mange more” or “schedule more” but literally, “get more done”.

With this objective in mind we always tried to keep our Nozbe Calendar as minimalistic as possible, to make sure you can quickly review your deadlines or commitments.

In Full Sync with Google Calendar

We kept our calendar minimalistic because we knew there are better calendars out there and our favorite has always been the Calendar from Google. Up until yesterday we only introduced one-way syncing with Gcal through an industry standard iCal file.

It was OK, but it was far from being a perfect solution… so today we’re introducing full Google Calendar sync for you to enjoy:

Just go to Nozbe Calendar and authorize Google

Once you’ve done that, a “Nozbe” calendar will be added to your Google Calendar account and you’ll be able to see all of your Nozbe scheduled tasks right there in Gcal… and edit them!

Edit or Add new Nozbe scheduled tasks in Gcal

That’s right, you can add scheduled actions in Nozbe on in Google Calendar – it doesn’t matter where you do it, they’ll add to both places anyway.

You can edit them, too! We’re even adding information on project and contexts in the “Description” section of the Calendar event, so you can edit them here, too.

Schedule your actions and get them done today!

We’re working on more integrations for you to enjoy – after Evernote sync, Google Calendar sync was the next logical step, but there is more to come, so stay tuned!


Posted on Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Marlee Perez
Dec 13, 2011 12:03

Success! I just figured out what was missing. I followed the guidance from Boiled down to this for me:
1. Set up CalDav account on iPad/iPhone by choosing Other (rather than Gmail).
2. Go to on my iPad.
3. Select the Nozbe calendar and save.

Nozbe events now showing on my iPad.

Marlee Perez
Dec 12, 2011 14:59

I have the same issue. Can see entries through Google but not on my iPad. This is limiting because my iPad pulls together my personal calendar, work calendar and actions. Is there a solution? Looks like the capability has been available over a year but this particular issue persists.

Dec 10, 2011 02:05

Can’t get Nozbe to sync to the Calendar app on iPad. Very frustrating! It syncs to the online Google Calendar fine, but events added from Nozbe don’t appear in the iPad’s calendar at all. =( =(

Jan 3, 2011 13:20

Still not working for me ( disabled and enabled it, didn’t help)

Christopher R. Reilly
Oct 25, 2010 21:31

Repeating events in GCal only appear for first date in Nozbe, no future dates.

Oct 6, 2010 14:54

Same here… when I put times with dates… some other events in the Google calendar are deleted

James Taylor
Sep 29, 2010 17:51

Google apps user. A Nozbe calendar appears, but is not populated with any events. Note that I am only using dates and not times with my Nozbe actions

Alain Latour
Sep 18, 2010 15:49

Only a few actions show up on my Google calendar, despite the fact that all of them do show up in the Nozbe app.

Phil Pusateri
Sep 11, 2010 07:15

Tried it… Nozbe shows up as a calendar, but adding appointments doesn’t work. gcal says the appointment was added, but it shows up on neither the google calendar interface nor the Nozbe interface.

Marty Gutekunst
Sep 8, 2010 19:31

As of 9/8/2010 still not working. Nozbe does not appear as a calendar in Google.

Bjørn Børresen
Sep 8, 2010 07:58

Hmm, I’m not getting future entries to show up in the Google Calendar either (added one in Google Calendar now). It does show up in Nozbe though.

Terri Harmon
Sep 7, 2010 17:59

+1 for John Carle’s suggestion above….I am getting duplicates because I mark done in nozbe but it stays open in google calendar and re adds it to my nozbe account…doesn’t save much time if everytime I mark something done I have to remember to delete it from google. (And if you delete it at the wrong time, it erases the completed task in nozbe all together which reduces the integrity of tracking items that have already been done.)

Am also curious why google calendar will not display Nozbe items with a date prior to the current date? Any ideas?

Thanks for getting the apps integration working.

Sean Corcoran
Sep 2, 2010 17:39

Yes! I second John Carle’s #3 suggestion. It would also be nice to attach a web link to an action item, a la Evernote.

John Carle
Aug 30, 2010 00:26

While I’m at it, I have a few other “dreams” for Nozbe, and since you’re reading this thread Michael… i thought I’d spew them out here.

1. The ability to email attachments into Nozbe.

2. A way to sync with Google Tasks, not just calendar

3. A more “ipad-esque” look for Nozbe on the web

4. Blackberry integration.

That’s about it. Thanks Michael, for making such a terrific program. We all really appreciate it.

John Carle
Aug 30, 2010 00:23

To get it working on my Apps account, I sync it with my regular Gmail account, them subscribe to that calendar in my Google Apps account. It’s an extra step, but works perfectly.

You’re almost there my man… next step? It would be great to mark a task completed in GCal. Perhaps by putting an exclamation mark at the beginning of the task name from GCal? I’m just saying… LOL

Sean Corcoran
Aug 29, 2010 21:35

I love this feature — but I am having the same problem Jan Buskens noted above. Completed actions are not removed from the Google Calendar. Moreover, if I do not delete the action manually from the Google calendar, it re-appears as an incomplete item in Nozbe. Can this be fixed?

Aug 29, 2010 15:37

Thanks, Michael! The responsiveness of your team is always a positive thing.

Aug 27, 2010 08:31

Thanks for the heads up everyone!

Google Apps support is coming next week… and in the forthcoming weeks we’ll do a much deeper Google Apps integration, so stay tuned!

As to the notifications, we’ll check if we can add this as well next week.

Again, thanks everyone – we never expected this feature to be such a killer feature for everyone but all seem to love it – and we’ll keep on improving it!

Ken Shirai
Aug 26, 2010 07:42

Great News! But… Google Cal Default Notification can not set? Task by Nozbe does not have Default Notification by Google Calender.

Aug 25, 2010 21:03

Go to the user forum and look for the thread Does new Google Calendar Sync work with Apps accounts? This is under the main topic “Bug Reports and Problems” There is a pretty simple work around listed there.

Eirik Hafver Ronjum
Aug 25, 2010 14:01


Aug 25, 2010 12:28

another apps user here too

Bill Tobin
Aug 25, 2010 05:15

I have a Goggle Apps calendar as well…

Jan Buskens
Aug 24, 2010 20:14

Great feature… works perfectly…
But what I mis is that when I complete a task in Nozbe, it should be removed from my Google calendar. Now I have to complete them in Nozbe and delete them manually from Google calendar.

Andy burnett
Aug 24, 2010 19:30

Just in case you needed another prompt, I would like it to link with Google Apps to. There doesn’t seem to be a way to tell it about my Apps account, rather than my personal gmail one.

Aug 24, 2010 19:25

Teriffic! Working fine. Thank you

Jamie Walker
Aug 24, 2010 18:58

Google Accounts is having problems, not just for apps at the moment. It’s not nozbe. When you try and connect a nozbe account to Google Accounts it doesn’t work, but I’m also trying to update some stuff on Google Accounts for flickr and a few other services – and that’s not working either.

Simon Binder
Aug 24, 2010 18:40

Another Apps user here too.

Heiðar Sigurðsson
Aug 24, 2010 16:08

Have problems with Google Apps Cal also :)

Jason Kanner
Aug 24, 2010 15:33

I’m sorry, I meant to say, it does NOT show up in G-Apps calender, thanks again. love the product.

Jason Kanner
Aug 24, 2010 15:32

I’m also a Google Apps user and the calender does not sync; it does show up in Google Apps calender. Thank you!

Aug 24, 2010 15:21

Another vote for Google Apps support. Not working for me, either.

Daniel Williams
Aug 24, 2010 14:11

THANK YOU!!! Great feature. I have been a Nozbe user for years now and you just keep improving the base product – keep up the great work

Aug 24, 2010 13:15

Same question for me regarding Google Apps calendar (not the free gmail one). The sign in did not like my domain which is hosted by Google.

Terri Harmon
Aug 24, 2010 12:15

Same problem here since yesterday….google apps, signed in when connect via sync, no nozbe calendar appears….

Michael Hurst
Aug 24, 2010 12:12

Now thats a cool feature :) Unfortunately, i didn’t get that to work with my Google Apps Account after a short while of trying. Within Nozbe it seems ok (telling me thats in sync with my Google Calendar) but the “Nozbe” Calendar doesn’t show up… Any ideas?

Aleksandre Jejelava
Aug 24, 2010 12:10

Great news! Will sync work with Google Apps calendars too?