Nozbe 7 times faster - because so many of you want to get things done

Nozbe – the getting things done web application – has successfully migrated to a new Enterprise-Class server and is now incredibly fast.

7.7 times faster server – so that Nozbe can grow!

I’ve actually measured it and it’s all true – our new server infrastructure is exactly 7.7 times faster than the old one. We decided to invest in our infrastructure dramatically due to Nozbe’s growth and now we should be able to accommodate much more users than before.

Don’t get me wrong – the old server wasn’t that bad – we’ve just grown so much this November that we had to make sure we can accommodate more users and even faster growth – because so many of you want to get things done!

Sweet November… it’s has been a great month for Nozbe… we’ve received many more signups than in October and a lot of users have opted for the PRO and Super! Nozbe plans to get things done via the easy-to-use Nozbe interface. We’re more than happy.

Because of the growth, our good old server started slowing down and we knew we had to move fast to upgrade our machine… and as our provider gave us a great offer to move to a screaming-fast machine, we made the decision in basically one day and the day after… we are here!

Try Nozbe for yourself – you won’t believe how fast it’s become.

Our server is located in the USA and we operate from Europe and we still can’t believe Nozbe could be that fast even from a remote location overseas. It’s just amazing.

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for bearing with us during this change!

Most of all – thanks for choosing Nozbe as your productivity tool – it’s thanks to you we’ve had this growth and are planning to grow some more over the next months and years – we do it all for you…

Remember: Nozbe is your application – it’s all for you!

We do it all for you – we want you to be productive and to get things done – so please make sure to sign up and give Nozbe a try, send us feedback and promote Nozbe on your web site and send info about Nozbe to your friends.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Posted on Friday, November 30, 2007