Nozbe for Paper (tm) - cool Printing Support - Hipster PDA style

Today I’m introducing Nozbe for Paper™ – now you can print your actions and notes using three cool formats from within your Nozbe account – here’s the short video story (less than 5 minutes – just click on the "play" button):

And here’s the long story:

Nozbe – simply get things done!” is a web application created using the coolest web2.0 techniques to make it a breeze to use on any computer with an Internet connection. The cool thing about Nozbe being a web-application is the fact that you can access it from any computer connected to the Internet and manage your data easily.

However, when processing your actions you are not always connected to the Internet… heck, you may even not be near your computer at the time… and then what? The first solution will come by the end of this month – the mobile version of Nozbe will be launched and you’ll be able to manage your data using your mobile phone. Cool.

However, not everyone has a cool webby mobile phone with great data-plan to be able to surf the web… so why not to combine Nozbe with the good-old-school paper?

Introducing: Nozbe for Paper™

The concept is not new, some time around 2004, Merlin Mann of 43Folders – our GTD guru – introduced the Hipster PDA – a stack of 3”x5” cards to keep you organized. No sophisticated software or hardware – just a stack of cards, a binder and a ball-pen. Simple and effective.

A couple of days ago I read a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers (and Nozbe user) Marc Orchat of Office Evolution:

“In my experience, I’ve known GTD’ers who operate at "black belt productivity" levels using nothing more than a legal pad or stack of 3" x 5" index cards (otherwise known as a Hipster PDA) and others who have attained the same level of proficiency with a plethora of gadgets and software. “

And why not combine the best of both worlds?

Nozbe’s easy of use + availability and flexibility of Paper

People have been asking me for Printing feature in the forums for quite a while and I decided to go one step ahead and offer more than just printing of actions and notes to standard A4 sheet, but also to two smaller sizes: Pocket and Wallet!

It’s so easy – just click on the “print” icon above your “Next Actions” or projects or contexts lists and choose your desired printing format:

Nozbe for Paper (tm)

And there’s more – you won’t need any glue or scissors – just fold the paper the way I’m showing it on the printing screen and off you go!

Here’s how:

A4 sheet

Standard A4 sheet of paper – mostly for Office use – no need to fold it.

Nozbe for Paper (tm) - Pocket size

Pocket size – will fit most of your jeans pockets, just fold twice and you’re ready

Nozbe for Paper (tm) - Wallet size

Wallet size – now you have no excuse for not taking your actions and lists with you.
Print in Landscape mode and fold it just as indicated. Easy.

Thanks for your feedback and support and hope you like this new feature – it will enable you to take your actions with you anywhere – no online / offline problem!

Remember, that I’ve just introduced the monthly, yearly and 2-yearly plans for Nozbe and all of them come with a special 50% offer, so grab your Nozbe account now, before it’s too late – the offer will expire at midnight Sunday, 13th May.

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Posted on Sunday, May 6, 2007

Ed Nelson
Jul 23, 2011 15:40

willing to pay 9.95/month for an online GTD that prints to 8.5×11 sheets, prints much more intuitively… but can’t pay 60/year for this mess.

Matthew Turner
May 20, 2011 05:01

It’s frustrating that I can’t print all actions at once. I really wish this feature were available.

Roni Seale
Sep 27, 2010 21:03

Would be very helpful and more useful for me if I could also print the comments in each task.

Tony Martinez
Aug 30, 2010 17:42

I also need to print or export my data to CSV to be able to print in another tool. Has anyone figured out a way.. Sadly may need to cancel my premium account if this is not possible.

Lynn E. O'Connor
Aug 17, 2010 13:10

I am thinking about trying Nozbe again, but like Michael above, I can’t see a way to print all of my actions, sorted clearly by context. Is this possible to do? This is central for me —I need to print out my actions (all of them) by context every morning. Can anyone answer this question, can this be done/

Guy Dominy
Aug 3, 2010 20:24

This is not helpful. Appears to be for older version? NB leaving help that is no longer useful is worse than no help. i thought I had found an answer so the disappointment is that much greater.

Michael Letros
Jun 2, 2010 16:12

I am a new user. How do I print ALL my projects and tasks to paper? From what I can see, I can only print according to a specific project. Thansk for your help.

May 14, 2010 21:06

Yes. How is printed done in the current version? Thanks.

May 6, 2010 23:08

This video is for an older version of Nozbe. Can we print on the current version?

Michael Rickey
Nov 29, 2009 23:38

How about printing to 3×5 cards? My printer will print on the just fine.

Michael Rickey
Nov 29, 2009 23:38

Is there any way to change the paper size to US Letter (8.5×11)?