Nozbe and Evernote - perfect GTD setup

If you’re an active Nozbe user, you already know this… but only today both Evernote and Nozbe have made it official – we’ve partnered together and integrated our services so that you can get even more done!

Official announcement on the Evernote blog

...“A couple of months ago, as I was finishing my new apartment, I realized that I was putting everything in Evernote. I was essentially living in two apps, Evernote and Nozbe. I was using them both for GTD, and felt that there there should be a way to make them work together.” A little development, and here’s the result….

Browse your Evernote notes in your Nozbe Projects and Contexts, based on tags

To see how it works in action, check out this short video that shows how cool (and how fast and seamless) the integration is:


Nozbe a featured Evernote partner

The good folks from Evernote even made Nozbe their featured partner on their Evernote integrations page

Thanks to you, the Evernote team and our lead developer Tomasz

Thanks to you and your suggestions, we decided to use Evernote and to start figuring out the integration. Thanks to the Evernote guys (Andrew Sinkov, Alex Pachikov, Dave Engberg and David Pierce) for their support and help in making this happen (and for the coverage, too!) and many thanks to Tomasz – our lead developer for digging deep into Evernote API and making it work so nicely with our Nozbe 2.0 interface.


Posted on Friday, March 19, 2010

Paresh Shah
Sep 11, 2011 15:01

Hi -this is a great app! Is there a way for the Nozbe taks to show up in evernote so you dont have to keep tabbing back and forth between Nozbe ad Evernote?

Andreas Bisiach
Jul 9, 2011 12:06

Would also be great to kind of link an action to one or more Evernote notes. Thanks

Andreas Bisiach
Jul 9, 2011 12:04

Please implement Labes (Nozbe) <-> Tags (Evernote) Integration and use those to decide which notes shows up in a project

William Rice
Apr 18, 2011 11:54

+1 for Amy’s suggestion!

Thomas van Gurp
Apr 12, 2011 15:22

+1 for Amy’s suggestion!

Mar 21, 2011 21:04

I would also like to be able to easily convert an Evernote note into a task.

Charlie Dunlap
Dec 16, 2010 21:04

How do you change Evernote accounts!!

Amy Garrett
Nov 21, 2010 20:24

I would also like to be able to easily convert an Evernote note into a task.

Richard Wofford
Nov 9, 2010 15:02

Instead of matching Nozbe project names to Evernote tags, why not just put Evernotes into Nozbe according to Evernote “saved searches” that we could enter in Nozbe (either as project files or notes, or as action comments)?

tim frazer
Sep 18, 2010 15:21

I would love it if I could tag things in evernote and it would turn into a to-do in nozbe

Justin Lugbill
Jul 23, 2010 23:03

So it is possible to tag an evernote note, to make that note a to-do item in nozbe? Perhaps if it is tagged with the word “tasks”, Nozbe can automatically add that to do item to the projects the note belongs too.

You could even do something like if the Evernote note had the word “tasks” is a tag, it would create a to-do list item in the (evernote) tagged nozbe projects. The title of the note could be the field you pull to generate the to-do list item, and you could make the rest of the contents just available like normal with the Evernote integration.

What do you think? Does it sound better in my head, or will that work?

Rafe Furst
Jul 9, 2010 01:17

Michael, I’m new to Nozbe but have been using Evernote for a while. I think there should be a way to attach Evernote notes to Nozbe projects other than via automatic tag matching. One option would be to allow me to optionally SPECIFY a tag or tags that I want matched. This could be in addition to the auto-match, or perhaps there could be a setting for to allow auto-match or not.

While you are at it, perhaps you could update the mobile clients so I can see the Evernote notes :-)

Jun 29, 2010 20:03

..oops, just discovered this, the evernote integration with outlook, and then with nozbe is really sweet!

Jun 29, 2010 20:02

just di

Jose Meras
May 22, 2010 20:51

I was excited about hearing about the integration of Evernote with Nozbe. Although I opened an Evernote account several months ago, I have not actually used Evernote with Nozbe. I have been very busy since I am now a full time student in addition to working full time. Now I find myself using Evernote in tab and Nozbe in another. Nozbe rocks!! I have tried implementing GTD in Outlook and it just never worked for me. Nozbe is the perfect tool. Using Nozbe has allowed me to really integrate GTD into more of my life and become a daily habit. I like to think of Nozbe as a sort of mental prosthetic!

Mar 31, 2010 21:00

Thanks everyone for great feedback – we keep improving the integration so keep the ideas coming. Just posted a new blog post about that.

Pieter Swinkels
Mar 31, 2010 20:17

re Kurt: thanks for your note. I’m a little disappointed as it seems rather strange to have to go back to your collection tool to delete what you have processed (well, not really because you cannot convert an Evernote into a Nozbe Action or Project) in your GTD system…

Kurt Graustein
Mar 31, 2010 05:18

Pieter, if you remove the project name and context notes from your Evernote note, then click the “refresh my Evernote data” button in Nozbe, the Evernote note should disappear.

Pieter Swinkels
Mar 29, 2010 21:27

eh, and how to delete an Evernote entry from Nozbe?

Pieter Swinkels
Mar 29, 2010 21:26

Michael, I love the combination Nozbe and Evernote, and the new Inbox. What seems problematic is that Evernote entries only show up as notes in Nozbe and not as action. They don’t even show up in the action count between brackets in the Inbox, so you don´t see right away there is an Evernote note in your inbox. Als, how can I concert an Evernote note into an action?

Mar 28, 2010 23:08

Michael – I second (or third:) the idea of matching Evernote tags to words used in Nozbe projects (not full project names). GTD methodology suggests using verbs in project names, i.e. “research trip to Berlin”, but related Evernote tags are more likely to be tagged “Berlin” than the full project name.

I was just trying to link to Evernote and was wondering why my notes weren’t showing up, when I googled the issue and found this page. Seem like this might be a common assumption.

Mar 28, 2010 12:14

How about providing a link to edit the Evernote note from Nozbe? As of now you can only update the note title, but not the content.

Mar 27, 2010 09:51

Just installed the beta on my iPhone and watched the Nozbe+Evernote video which is awesome because I’m a big user of both as well. Looking forward to beta testing the app and using the Nozbe/Evernote integration.

Mar 27, 2010 03:02

Jeffrey – just disconnect from the current account by clicking on the RED icon next to the Evernote section in any of your projects. Then re-connect with the correct account again.

Darin – we’re tweaking and playing with the connection and we’ve just rolled out improvements – I’ll blog about them tomorrow. As to partial tags, it’s a good suggestion, we’ll see what we can do about it :-)

Darin Keener
Mar 26, 2010 23:08


Thanks for the response…I would MUCH rather have it match partial tags that full. I would not mind having notes “accidentally” show up in multiple places as long as it easily made it to the right one. :)

Jeffrey Aurand
Mar 25, 2010 20:16

Nozbe connected to the wrong Evernote account and I can’t find a way to change it the settings!

Mar 23, 2010 23:23

Gui – glad you’re back, sorry you had to spend all this money elsewhere :-)

Glad Evernote and Nozbe combo works for you, it works for me darn good :-)

Mar 23, 2010 21:58


It’s working nicely. The problem was that I was using too many spaces and commas in the tags and project names. Once I deleted commas, everything is fine.

Mar 23, 2010 21:51

Cześć Mike,

I am back today after spending money on Things and Omnifocus for desktop and iPhone. After trying both apps for around three months, I am back to the best GTD app,

I am having a little bit of a hard time integrating Nozbe and Evernotes but I’ll figure it out. It worked fine the other time I worked with Nozbe.

I am eagerly waiting for the new iPhone app which looks fantastic on the screenshot. Will it be free or is there a cost? I don’t mind paying as long as it’s as good as your online Nozbe.

Kopsnij piątkę!

Mar 23, 2010 19:05

blysik – please watch the video – just go to any project and scroll down, right below files you’ll see “More Content” and a link to Evernote. Good luck!

Mar 23, 2010 18:24

I can’t figure out how to configure Nozbe to use my Evernote account. It’s nowhere in Settings or Extras that I can see.

Mar 23, 2010 16:02

Darin and Matt – thanks for your input.

We’ll try to make the sync even better. The idea of matching entire projects may be strange and we’ll try to address this.

What do you think about matching “partial” names of projects? Like if you have tag “flat” in Evernote, the notes from this tag will appear in both “my flat” project and “flat and other stuff” project?

Is this something you’d like?

Darin Keener
Mar 22, 2010 19:01

I really like the concept of syncing Nozbe and Evernote, but a REALLY big issue seems to be that the tag in Evernote has to match the title of a project. This means that I end up with stupid-long tags on Evernote which seem to mess up the entire concept of tagging. Could it be set up so that instead of matching tag to project, Nozbe could match tag to in, I could set up tags on my Nozbe projects, and it would match the tags on Evernote to the TAGS on Nozbe? That way I could write short tags that would allow matching and at the same time limit tag length?

Matt Medeiros
Mar 20, 2010 14:01

It seems like Nozbe always has to resync into Evernote. Is this by design or is there something up?