Thursday, November 28, 2013

What we've been up to recently - a few lines by our graphic designer on Nozbe 1.8.x for iOS7

As you probably noticed, Nozbe on iOS7 went through some visual changes. We decided to refresh Nozbe looks, add a bit of lightness, clarity and refresh the Nozbe icon. In the near future we plan to redefine the colors of our app slightly. We are not saying here about drastic changes, but we want Nozbe to be modern not only technologically, but also visually attractive. Just take a look...


What's more, we introduced other changes in order to match the style of iOS 7. You can see we gave up on heavy gradients for rather solid colors. What's more, previously black status bar now received the color of our application. It gives the impression of much lighter interface from the one you used to see on iOS 6.


We liked the new, more open approach towards the elements of user interface. However, bearing in mind we support many platforms, we want our users to have great experience no matter what system they use. Although we used some of the design language of iOS7 our app looks the same across all the platforms and devices.


As always, we want Nozbe to be simpler, but at the same time functional and, most importantly, unified. Our aim is to give you the impression of working on the same app all the time. This has been the new direction we are taking right now. You’ll have the same great experience of getting your things done across your favorite systems and devices. You won’t even notice you switch from desktop (whether it’s Mac or PC) to the mobile app.

We'll take it to the next level with Nozbe 2.0

This is just the first step. We're currently working on a new Nozbe 2.0 application - more responsive, more unified, faster and sleeker all around - and it will take our new design language to an even higher level. Nozbe 2.0 comes in Spring of 2014 to a device near you :-)

Hope this post gives you more insights to the way we work. Our designer Radek is pouring his heart and soul into this and sweating the details. We think the results are already astonishing and we keep improving! More details soon…

Saturday, November 23, 2013

How it all came about, a short story of Nozbe 1.8.5 for Linux...

In our Nozbe team we don't want to limit ourselves to any platform and we are open to many operating systems available on the market. Some of us use Windows, some are on Macs while others prefer Linux. That's why we came up with the idea to prepare Nozbe for this system. Check out one of our engineer's short story how it all began...

Things are discovered by accidents :-)

Nozbe for Linux

Recently a lot of people have asked for Nozbe app on Linux. I was just testing the new version which supposed to help us prepare the app for Windows when I found there was an option that allowed me to generate the app for Linux as well. I gave it a try. It turned out Nozbe worked on Ubuntu right away! I was very happy and investigated it more, checked if everything worked fine, called Rafał our product manager, and ...

... my initial optimism faded very fast when I faced two major technical problems. But all in all, together with Staszek we broke through the obstacles, prepared Nozbe beta version, and that's how we were able to roll out the test version for Linux along with Nozbe 1.8.5 for Windows and OSX :-)

I have to say, now I use only native Nozbe app on my Linux and it works great! There is no difference between Nozbe on Linux and other systems. I took care of everything in order to create a stable app, similar to our native apps on Windows and Mac.

Linux is in beta version for the time being, but we plan to launch it on a regular basis. We hope you like the idea :-)

Since this is a test version if you spot any inconvenience, we will be glad to fix it. With your help Nozbe on Linux will get better and better!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Issue #15 of the Productive! Magazine with Marten Mickos and great content to boost your productivity

Here it is after almost a year of hiatus - the new issue of Productive! Magazine - Issue #15. Inside, you will find another set of productivity-boosting articles and the interview with a person I've always wanted to talk to – Marten Mickos. He is my guru in terms of virtual team management. As a CEO of MySQL AB he led the team of 500 people working from various parts of the world (read the interview to learn more about the size and geographical distribution of the MySQL employees). Perhaps it was the biggest telecommuting company of all times.


Apart from the interview, we feature 7 articles that will give you power to accomplish all your tasks faster and with less stress.

  • One of my favourite quotes from this issue of our monthly is an excerpt from Augusto Pinaud's article: Stop managing time, start managing focus and attention. Identify where your attention is. Read Augusto's full article to see what it is all about.

  • You'll read an engaging passage by Laura Stack dedicated to time management and productivity on higher level of the corporate hierarchy. As Laura concludes: It all boils down to taking care of yourself, limiting access to your time, re-organizing your priorities, and shedding tasks other people can do better and more cheaply. Read the article even though you haven't been promoted yet. Who knows what your boss is planning :-)

  • Check out the articles by Marcin Kwiecinski, who says courage is what you need in order to improve and develop. Also, find out what Jim McCullen has to say about his Control Your Day (CYD) system and find out how he uses it to make sure he keeps his commitments to the people he works with and vice versa.

  • In the 15th issue of Productive! Magazine we also have a little tribute to parenthood by Anita Nakou and Timo Kiander (make sure you read his 7 important productivity habits my parents taught me). Also check out Anita Nakou's article and find out what lies behind her claim: Productivity is mandatory as a new parent! With my three girls, I have one choice: run my home efficiently, or be run over.

As a bonus – together with Augusto Pinaud I present the first chapter of our best-selling book, "#iPad Only". Learn how to be productive with a tool that helps you stay focused and avoid distraction.

Read Productive! Magazine on the web or download it from the appstore

As always, Productive! Magazine is brought to you by Nozbe - your favorite time and project management web application with native apps for the Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android... and now also on Linux.

Have a great read!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The newest Nozbe 1.8.5 and a productivity gift!

We've been stress-testing Nozbe a lot lately. As we've been listening to your feedback, we worked tirelessly on Nozbe 1.8.5 with bunch of bug fixes and improvements. Also, for those of you who love Linux (as some of our engineers do :-) ) we have a test version 1.8.5 for Linux 32 and Linux64. We hope you'll like it! We also have a small gift to help you embrace the long evenings of the Fall - a real productivity boost! for you!

Nozbe 185

Download Nozbe 1.8.5 for device and platform you use:

Find out what's new in version 1.8.5:

  • 3 times faster performance on Windows - we've optimized the app on Windows so much that it feels a lot faster than before. If you're a Windows user, you'll love Nozbe even more now.
  • Google Calendar sync (most requested feature) can now be switched on/off directly in your application in the new calendar view (which we optimized further for speed and stability + lots of bug fixes)
  • Much improved "Hashtag" suggestions - remember that when you click on the + button to add a task, you can use "#" to add task's parameters? Much like this: "Walk the dog #errand #15 minutes #tomorrow" and the task "Walk the dog" will be added with a context set to "errand", time to "15 minutes" and date of "tomorrow" :-)
  • Many improvements in adding and reopening tasks
  • Nozbe's search now also searches tasks' comments!
  • Improved Evernote integration and opening of notes
  • Improved Print option with comments' dates and correct order
  • Version for Linux - no other productivity app offers this!

and much, much more...

Download Nozbe 1.8.5 for device and platform you use:

...and get free Productive! Magazine as a gift :-)

As you probably know I'm also the chief editor of the Productive! Magazine. It's a free digital magazine which I created for you to inspire and give you knowledge on how to work more productively and be successful in your life. Check it out today:

Productive! Magazine

Now with a brand new Nozbe 1.8.5 and free Productive! Magazine you can start your day with fresh content and a powerful tool, so you'll be more productive and stay motivated throughout the day :-) Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What else can you do to be more productive and live a better life? Start reading Productive! Magazine.

The first issue of Productive! Magazine was published in the Fall of 2008. It was the time when I was about to celebrate 2 years of running Nozbe, and I felt I wanted to give people not just a tool, but also an inspiration to get more organized, productive, and be happy about their lives.

Over the years we published 14 issues of the magazine and I managed to interview many great and productive people, such as: David Allen, Seth Godin, Jason Fried, and other overachievers...

Productive! Magazine

Browsing 14 issues full of great content may be a little time-consuming, so we prepared a Special Issue for you. It is a compilation of the best nuggets of wisdom of the interviews with the productivity gurus featured in all the previous editions of the monthly.

In the Special Issue of Productive! Magazine you will learn how David Allen, the father of GTD, came up with the idea of his famous productivity system and how it has changed so many lives.

— Have you heard of efficiency versus effectiveness? — David Allen asks. — That is doing the right thing as opposed to doing the thing right. Everyone pooh poos the doing the thing right — “yeah but you want to be doing the right thing”? The truth is that process is harder to change and learn than your focus – he explains.

You will also find out how Guy Kawasaki and Jason Fried of 37Signals apply GTD principles in their work.

Read the Special Issue to learn how Seth Godin, Leo Babauta, Michael Hyatt or Laura Stack manage to keep the work-life balance and find more time for the things that bring happiness to their lives. Guess whose opinion is that?

– People never say “how do find time to have lunch or dinner?” or “how do you find time to sleep?” We are not talking of life-lunch balance. So I’m not sure I’m interested in conversation about life-work balance.

Be first to know what productivity experts and business gurus had been doing before the world heard of them.

– In one word, the answer is “nepotism” — Guy Kawasaki jokes. — My college roommate hired me into the Macintosh Division to work for him. Steve Jobs must have been out of the office that day because on paper I had neither the work nor educational background for the job.

Get access to productivity-related stories, tips and tricks and learn how to squeeze even more satisfaction out of you every day life.

Read the Productive! Magazine Special Issue:

  • at – if you use a PC or Android/Windows mobile device, or
  • go to the Appstore– if you have an iPhone or iPad.


P.S. The issue #15 is coming next week! Stay tuned!