Tuesday, February 18

Nozbe 1.9.1 is out! With lots of improvements for Evernote Reminders sync and Project sharing

Our Nozbe 1.9 was an amazing release. It introduced three fundamentally new features:

  • Improved project sharing (with anyone, even without Nozbe account)
  • Evernote Reminders sync (seamless, better than in the native Evernote app)
  • Push-notifications - for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and Web app

With such a big release, despite longer and thorough testing, not everything worked as advertised for all of the users. This is why immediately after the 1.9 release our team focused on brining you even more polished Nozbe experience. The Nozbe 1.9.1 comes as an auto-update to all the platforms except for the Windows (download Windows client here)

Download all of the Nozbe apps here

Just go to your Settings and you'll see if your app is 1.9.1 now. It should be.

With version 1.9.2 (due in a few weeks) we'll introduce auto-update also to Windows clients where all the minor releases will be automatically updated over the air for everyone.

Enjoy 1.9.1 and let us know how it works for you in the comments below! Thanks for being the most amazing Nozbe users ever!

P.S. As we're working on Nozbe 2.0 now, the major Nozbe re-write, we had to stop working on Nozbe Blackberry and Windows phone clients to focus on our best work. Once Nozbe 2.0 is out we'll re-introduce support for these platforms and try to bring our best Nozbe ever there.

P.P.S. The complete change-log for the version 1.9.1 is as always, available on our test blog

Monday, February 3

Join the new productivity revolution. Stop using email to work with others. Share projects through Nozbe.

Last week we launched Nozbe 1.9 and I wrote about it in my previous email... but this time around I want to remind you about something really important.

It's about new and improved Project Sharing. Here's my video all about it:

Why Nozbe 1.9 revolutionizes collaboration

Before Nozbe 1.9, when you wanted to share a project with someone, you'd have to ask them if they used Nozbe, convince them to give Nozbe a try, tell them why Nozbe is so great for your productivity... and only if they signed up could you invite them to share a project with you.

Not anymore.

With Nozbe 1.9 it's so much easier. If you have a project you want to share with someone, click on the sharing icon in this project and write their email address. That's it.

What they'll receive is a special, unique link. When they click on it they'll be able to access the project directly with their web browser and start adding tasks and adding comments to your tasks right away.

Project Sharing

Yes, they'll be able to sign up for Nozbe if they really want to, but it will be optional. You don't have to convince them to use Nozbe for their own stuff. What matters to you is that they will be able to participate in your Nozbe project regardless.

This is huge. Now in 2014 you can share a Nozbe project with anyone and they will have no excuse not to work with you. They will literally have to help you achieve your goals!

Bonus: Sync Evernote reminders. Receive push notifications.

There's more to Nozbe 1.9 - automatically sync Evernote reminders and receive push notifications - make sure to watch the video carefully :-)

Wednesday, January 29

Nozbe 1.9 - share and stay alert to get your New Year's Resolutions done

I'm so excited! Today we're revolutionizing the project management space. Nozbe 1.9 will be the key to your successful 2014 - you will get those New Year's Resolutions done.

Get Nozbe 1.9 for your platform or log into our web app (if you already have Nozbe on your device, it should auto-update to 1.9)

Share your New Year's Resolutions project with anyone with an email address

Remember the 12 projects you created with your New Year's Resolutions? You might need help with some of them! Now as a Nozbe user you can share a project with anyone who has an email address - and they can work with you even if they don't use Nozbe. Once you've shared a project with them, they can access it directly with an Internet browser without having to sign up for a Nozbe account.

Get your New Year's Resolutions done with Nozbe

Nozbe 1.9 introduces three new important features:

  • Share projects with anyone with an email address - get people to help you accomplish your goals - and they don't have to sign up for Nozbe to work with you!
  • Push-notifications. Get notified on important dates and events and when someone delegates a task to you. This has been our most-requested feature and now it's there!
  • Integrate Evernote reminders - automagically manage your Evernote reminders in Nozbe and sync between these two apps!

And so much more! Lots of improvements, fixes and enhancements - all in Nozbe 1.9

Nozbe 1.9: Mac (AppStore), Windows, iPhone / iPad, Android (Tablet), Linux 32bit (64bit).

Friday, January 24

Friday tip: How to add your New Year's resolutions to a productivity system!

Note: This post is part of our new "Friday Tip" series. Every Friday we're posting a piece of advice that will help you get more done. For past Friday Tips click here

We're back in 2014 with "Friday Tips". As we enter the new year we start to look at the previous year, probably closing our loops, and setting the goals for the upcoming year. And indeed it's a good time for reflection, and New Year's resolutions.

Holiday season is also a wonderful time for generating ideas. When you put your work aside for a while you may catch a totally different perspective on various things. In the end you may come up with lots of excellent ideas. This is great, but don't loose them! Make sure you put them into one place, into your trusted productivity system.


As you probably know putting everything to your productivity system is a first step in order to clean your mind. It is also a key to staying focused. Putting all the things you need to do, as well as your thoughts and ideas is the best way to get concentrated on your tasks. This is why inbox is a place where I put all of my tasks, ideas or thoughts. Of course I process them later.

Here are several ways to add your tasks into Nozbe Inbox:

Plus Buttons

When you open your Nozbe app you'll see there are two plus buttons. The one on the top right corner adds tasks directly to your inbox from anywhere in the application. The button on the bottom right corner adds tasks to the current view. Make your life easier and use shortcuts:

  • press "t" and add your tasks directly to inbox
  • "a" key adds tasks to the current view

How about adding tasks directly from your email account?

To do so go to "Settings", to the section "Your Nickname and PIN". Use the nick name and pin to forward your emails to Nozbe.

All you need to do is put them to the receiver field in your email message. Use this format: Nickname.PIN@nozbe.me, and click send!

Use #parameters

To convert your email into a task and send it directly to one of your projects, write proper parameters in the subject line: #project name, add #context, #time needed or delegate the task to your colleague by typing his or her name with a hashtag #name.

Example: Send me a new report #biz project #15 min #Jane

What's more, all of the attachments will be added as comments to your task :-)

That's it! Now you can make your emails actionable! Convert your emails into tasks by forwarding them to Nozbe. Nothing is going to slip your mind now. Good luck!

Watch Course Lesson No.1

In my 10 Steps to Ultimate Productivity Course I talk more about how I use inbox, Watch the video, it's just 5 minutes

Wednesday, January 15

Get your New Year's Resolutions done with Nozbe

Welcome to 2014. This year with my entire Nozbe team we're setting out to make sure your New Year's Resolutions finally happen!

How to get your New Year's Resolutions done?

My advice: create 12 projects in Nozbe - one Resolution for each month of 2014 - and start putting tasks in each of these projects. Treat each resolution as a project that needs to be done by the end of the year. This is exactly what I did. And I want you to do the same:

Get your New Year's Resolutions done with Nozbe

Some of these 12 projects you may want to keep to yourself, others you'd want to share with someone to help you get there. Regardless of your goal, Nozbe will help you achieve your dreams and make your Resolutions actionable if you start setting up your account today.

Will Nozbe bring new features to help me get my New Year's Resolutions done?

Glad you asked. Yes, and soon! Nozbe 1.9 will launch next week with three amazing features:

  • improved project sharing
  • push notifications
  • amazing Evernote reminders support

These features will come to all the platforms we support (Web, Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets) so get ready!

Later this spring we're launching a completely re-written and re-designed Nozbe 2.0 app, so I can personally assure you that in 2014 we'll do everything in our power to help you stay the course and achieve your big goals.

Happy New Productive 2014!